AN ASSHOLE LOVERS DREAM COME TRUE A SPECTACLE OF ASSHOLE FILTH This is not a clip BUT AN ASSHOLE FETISH EVENT !!! Two gorgeous girls one blond one brunette both slamming hot and both 19 years old and hot for each others dirty hairy little stink holes they live to eat smell lick finger and taste each others dump holes !!! NOTHING BUT 100% ASSHOLE EATING AND ASS SPIT SWAPPING ACTION. The way these two eat asshole is an art its something you just do not see everyday OMG I was on the floor sweating while filming these two my cock hurt in my pants it was so damn hard. To watch them go so deep in each others assholes that there eyes roll back in there heads live on film is something VERY SPECIAL they forgot the camera was there and when I reminded them they seduced me into there erotic anal trance the video work the angles and shots are like you are right there an inch away you can almost taste it. I was so damn close I could smell that musky asshole scent and the smell of raw spit the sounds the scent I fucking came in my pants more than one time…..If you buy a clip this year let this be it. This clip has been re mastered and re edited shorter for fans who wanted to see it but not pay over $30 so now you have it its even in a higher resolution enjoy fans this is one of my best works……

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