Odette Lets Him Eat Her Tiny Little Asshole to Pay Off Her Debt

1080p HD MP4 – Poor little Odette is having trouble with her English class, but she’s trying to do better. She even hired a tutor, but she’s still not getting it. Plus, she doesn’t even have the money to pay him. Her tutor is already frustrated with her for not understanding what he’s teaching her. Odette springs it on him that she doesn’t have any money. He’s not very happy until she tells him that she wants to use her body to pay him back! At first he thinks he’s going to get to fuck her, but she won’t let him since she has a boyfriend. There’s one thing they can do, and since she’s noticed him checking out her tight ass all the time she knows he’ll go for it. She suggests letting him eat her sweet little asshole until she cums. His ass fetish gets the best of him and he dives right in. Her cute little ass looks so delicious that he can’t get her thong off fast enough! He spreads her asshole wide open and dives in tongue first. Odette starts moaning almost instantly. As she starts breathing harder she says that she reassures herself that this isn’t cheating on her boyfriend. It’s just part of her education! Odette knew she was going to offer her asshole up to him and packed her favorite vibrator in her backpack. She loves having her clit and pussy played with while guys eat her butthole! As he uses the vibrator on her pussy and licks her tiny asshole Odette’s petite body starts tensing up with pleasure. She moans louder and louder. Her face is so beautiful when she’s in complete pleasure. She rolls over on her back and puts her legs up in the air so he can pump the vibrator in deeper. She’s moaning out of control now. You can tell she’s getting ready to cum because her amazing nipples are getting so hard you can see them right through her shirt! She grinds her ass on his tongue and cums good and hard. When she pulls the vibrator out of her pussy hole you can see it’s absolutely soaked with her pussy juices! Her tutor tells her that he’ll wipe her entire debt out if she’ll eat his asshole the next week and of course she agrees.

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